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Dr. Nancy Tobin Keeping Garden City’s Smiles – and Bodies – Healthy

added on: September 7, 2012

Have you looked in your mouth lately? Doing so could be as important to your health as doing any other at home self-exam. Why? Because there is more to your mouth than just your teeth. In fact, your mouth can communicate a lot about your overall health and well being. Some medical conditions first show their presence in subtle and painless changes in your mouth! In between check-ups, take a few minutes every week to examine your mouth. After your morning brushing is a good time because the light is better. Make sure there is enough light shining into your mouth to allow you to see your tongue and gums. Look for color and texture changes, swelling, bleeding and sores. Keep your eyes open for alterations in tooth color and size.

If you notice any changes, give me a call, Dr. Nancy Tobin your Garden City NY dentist I have been trained by both schooling and experience to look for certain tell-tale signs of ill health and can often see when someone is suffering from stress, gastric reflux, nutritional deficiencies or diabetes, among hundreds of other problems and disorders! Don’t put it off. Take care of your health while you take care of your smile!

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