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Garden City Sleep Apnea Treatment

Does your sleeping partner snore?

Did you know that snoring can actually be a very serious problem?

It may be a sign of Sleep Apnea – a condition where you actually stop breathing in your sleep. This can occur once or even hundreds of times a night while you are asleep.

Sleep Apnea often keeps the person snoring, as well as the person attempting to sleep through the snoring noise, from having a restful night’s sleep. This can lead to inattentiveness and fatigue the next morning, as well as these other more serious problems:

    • A higher risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension, and other cardiac conditions
    • Daytime sleepiness and drowsy driving
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Impaired memory and judgement
  • and various types of mood disturbances.

If you speak to your family doctor about your concerns, don’t be surprised if they send you to our office. YES, your Garden City dentist can help identify the specific causes of your snoring and recommend a treatment to help keep your air passages from being restricted.

So, do you think you or someone you know may have sleep apnea? Please take a moment to fill out our questionnaire by tapping this link to our secure portal: Sleep History Questionnaire

Take the first step to a better night’s sleep, and better overall health!

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Did you know that snoring can
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