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The Whys of Wisdom Teeth in Garden City

added on: July 1, 2013

Do you still have your third molars, or “wisdom teeth”? Or have they been removed? You may wonder why we have them if they’re just going to come out anyway.

Good question! The fact is that modern humans really don’t have a need for wisdom teeth. Our diet has changed over time and we don’t need the extra chewing power from wisdom teeth any more.

With less need for wisdom teeth, there’s more of a potential for problems. If they only come in part way or not at all, then they’re called partially or fully impacted. They may come in crooked and crowd your other teeth.

When this happens, then the wisdom teeth generally need to be extracted, so contact your Garden City dentist right away. We’re here to make the experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

If you’re having pain or problems with your wisdom teeth, call our Garden City dental office at 516.747.2535 so that Dr. Tobin can evaluate your situation. We may also be able to tell if you’re likely to have problems in the future, so if it’s time for a checkup, call us!


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