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added on: October 29, 2012

Missing teeth can be a terrible experience. Many of our patients who have lost teeth due to disease, accidents or decay have not only lost confidence, they often have a hard time chewing and speaking as well.

I have a wonderful solution for these patients – dental implants. Dental implants are such an innovation that I’m surprised that some people have never heard of them. These amazing tooth replacements act just like natural teeth, allowing you to chew and speak with complete confidence, because they are attached to a Titanium post implanted into the jawbone. This posts fuses with the bone so that it essentially replaces your natural root.

I will refer you to an implant specialist for placement of the post and then place a crown designed and crafted just for you. You’ll find that you can face life with renewed comfort and freedom, with no dentures or partials to remove and clean, and no gaps to affect your appearance. For more information about dental implants, my dental practice here in Garden City at (516) 747-2535.

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