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The Hygienist Lends a Hand
added on: June 20, 2013

During a regular checkup, the hygienist can often tell whether you are right- handed or left-handed simply by identifying the location of plaque build-up on your teeth. Depending on which hand you use to brush your teeth, some areas are likely to be brushed more rigorously than others. In addition, most people tend to… Read More…

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Sugar substitute as Cavity Fighter
added on: May 27, 2013

Approved for use in food in the United States since 1963, the sugar substitute xylitol has already been proven to have decay-fighting ability as an ingredient in chewing gum among school-age children with permanent teeth. More recently, researchers have found that much younger children, who received eight grams of xylitol daily in syrup form,… Read More…

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Promoting Dental Health After Tooth Extraction
added on: March 25, 2013

Once a tooth is extracted, the dentist likes to see good healing that leads to bone formation. Otherwise, poor healing may lead to excessive bone loss that compromises the patient’s ability to accept a dental prosthetic or implant. Consequently, there is reason to cheer a recent study that shows that… Read More…

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Heroes and Villains
added on: February 21, 2013

One villain responsible for tooth decay is the bacterium streptococcus mutans, which breaks down sugar and produces the sticky molecules (glucans) that are responsible for allowing bacteria to cling to our teeth. This villainous bacterium also produces enamel-eroding acid responsible for cavities. The heroes that counter these effects are called “polyphenols,” which are found in… Read More…

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added on: January 16, 2013

Each year, dentists treat millions of cavities that result from the enameleating acids emitted by sugar-eating bacteria missed by flossing and brushing. While drilling out tooth decay and filling cavities with amalgam or composite fillings has proven extremely effective in preserving the remaining healthy tooth structure, patients often wish they could somehow magically eliminate any… Read More…

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Cosmetic Concerns
added on: November 20, 2012

It hardly comes as a surprise that cosmetic, or aesthetic, dentistry has grown to be so popular among patient. After all, straight, white teeth are as essential to appearance as nice skin and coiffed hair. The most sought-after procedure is tooth-whitening, which can be performed in-office, at home, or a combination. The most… Read More…

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Taking It On The Jaw
added on: October 17, 2012

A serious potential consequence of periodontal (advanced inflammation or infection of the gums) is tooth loss due to jaw-bone shrinkage and damage. The latest effort to counter this threat comes in the form of a drug called teriparatide, which has recently been proven to regrow bone in jaws. According to one study, patients with… Read More…

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Keeping Garden City Kids Healthy and Smiling
added on: October 10, 2012

While life may be busy, not having enough time to brush your teeth is not really a great excuse. According to a study by the Ad Council, kids waste a lot of time on TV and playing video games and could be spending a tiny bit of that time brushing… Read More…

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Relaxing Dentistry in Garden City. Dental Care from Dr. Nancy Tobin
added on: September 25, 2012

People who live in and around Manhattan live pretty fast-paced lives. They are very scheduled and want to get things done, but they also like to take every opportunity they get to have a moment of relaxation. These are the kind of people my dental practice here in Garden City… Read More…

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Dental Implants for Beautiful and Functional Garden City Smiles
added on: September 13, 2012

Are you tired of wearing dentures or partials? Have you lost a tooth and don’t want to have crowns placed on the healthy teeth surrounding the missing one? I have a marvelous solution– dental implants! Dental implants replace both the tooth and the root. That means that dental implants not… Read More…

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